Nursery furnishings for your new rug rat

When you have your first baby, it is easy to get a bit carried away with buying stuff for the nursery because there are just so many gadgets out there in the marketplace and they all manage to persuade you that you won't be able to live without them. Some things are important of course and anything that enhances baby’s safety is essential buying, but some of the items costing quite substantial amounts of money are only appropriate for the first few weeks and so you have to wonder whether you really do need them or not.

Cot or crib?
A great big cot is perhaps a bit overwhelming for a small baby but you can buy a carry cot that will fit inside it for the early months. Some of the high end price cots can be adjusted for different bed heights so you can make the same piece of furniture do for years and if you have the cost of one of these in your budget it will certainly save money in the long run.

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Say it with colour with bold cheap rugs

Our inexpensive rugs can really add some flair to your home, especially if you need to inject some colour into a room. Many people stick to neutral tones such as white, cream or beige when it comes to decor but what if you feel like a change? Do you really want to paint your home in bold brights or is there an easier way to inject some colour into your home? Our budget rugs are ideal for adding a little colour and they can be added to any room of the home. Here are some ideas on how bold coloured rugs can make your home look as good as new.

Tone down with blues and greens

Warmer rooms with a lot of natural light may start to feel a little overbearing. You can tone down the warmth by adding some rugs in cooler colours. Blues and greens are ideal to create this effect and make for a great contrast to a warm room. Monochrome is also great in large rooms as it breaks up the space and acts as a focal piece. On the other hand, colder rooms may need an injection of warm colours. Burgundy, shades of red and warm yellows can add a little warmth to a large, cold room. These shades can be found in our economy traditional rugs as well as many natural look rugs.

Go psychedelic with pinks and yellows

The 60s and 70s retro look is extremely modern and bold pinks, yellows, purples and reds are found in many of our affordable rugs. Our bargain basement modern contemporary rugs have many variations of colours and all are ideal to add a blast of colour into a neutral space. Try out our pixelated designs with purples and reds or go for a mixture of pinks, yellows and purples to really draw the eye. Cool, earthly colours are also found in modern rugs but if you are looking for something bolder, psychedelic is the way to go.

Buying rugs on a budget to place around the home is an easier way to boost the decor and add a little touch of colour. Designs and patterns vary but all look great with simple decor and neutral colours. Add some complementary accessories to really bring out the tones in your new cheap rug. Green looks great with pink and purple, whereas blue and red contrast to create a bold finish.

Spice up your home with Persian oriental rugs

A hand woven rug can be a stylish addition to the home and can even be the centrepiece in your living room. They can be incredibly eye catching and have the added bonus of top quality. Presidents and even Royalty have been known to be partial to an eye catching oriental rug therefore they can add a touch of class to even the smallest of homes. What kind of oriental rugs can you purchase and why are they a worthy addition to your home?

Types of Oriental rug

There are various designs to choose from and all can make even the simplest of homes appear more sophisticated and upmarket. Colours vary but are usually a mixture of warm tones such as terracotta or plum. Designs also have variations of colour including navy blue, black, cream, green, white and shades of brown. Styles vary and rugs come in an array of sizes to suit any home. You can even purchase runners which look great in the hallway or in long kitchens. Each pattern and design on a Persian oriental rug is completely unique but most have traditional styles which complement wooden furnishings. While there are alternatives such as Manor Lodge hand tufted wool rugs from Rug Zone, Persian oriental rugs are an investment rather than a throwaway purchase but why should you buy such an expensive rug?

Hand woven

The detail that goes into each Oriental rug is what makes them so unique. Each rug is different from the next therefore you have a guarantee that no one will have one quite like it in their home. Every Oriental rug is hand woven so the intricate patterns and designs come straight from the weaver making your rug a piece of art rather than just something to wipe your feet on.


You can make your oriental rug the centrepiece in the living room or hallway ensuring that it catches the eye of any visitors. Alternatively, oriental rugs can be hung on a wall as a form of artwork. This way, it will last the test of time and you don’t have to worry about people stepping on your beautifully designed rug with muddy feet!

As Persian oriental rugs are usually named after the village or town where they were woven making them extremely unique. You can therefore be sure that you are purchasing an individual piece woven with care and precision by natives of that town or village.

The luxurious feel of shaggy rugs

Have you ever had the luxury of sinking your bare feet into a long pile shaggy rug? If you haven’t, it really is something to be savoured. It’s not surprising then to learn that some people put these rugs in their bedrooms, often either side of the bed. It’s the best feeling to have first thing in the morning when you get up and swing your legs round to put your feet on the floor. It might also inspire you not to get back in bed again!

Shaggy rugs and carpets are so called thanks to their super long pile. The degree of ‘shagginess’ depends on how expensive the rug is. You’ll notice the cheaper rugs have a shaggy look and feel that is not as tight as the more expensive items. In the case of the latter type of rug, the pile tends to be closer together than in the cheaper examples.

So if you’ve got your eye on one of these rugs, the first thing you have to think about is how much money you’re prepared to spend. We should say that none of these rugs are incredibly expensive – in fact you might be surprised to discover how affordable they are, regardless of the pile. However you should consider your budget and then start looking for a suitable rug to buy.

First up will be the task of choosing an appropriate size of rug. Shaggy rugs can be bought for all kinds of places. You can get square, oblong and even round shaggy rugs, not to mention long runners that can be used in hallways. They come in all sizes as well so no matter which area of your home is crying out for a rug, you’re bound to find something that would fit the bill. You can even get patterned shaggy rugs – something you may not have previously realised.

In short, these rugs are ideal if you want to add a luxurious touch to your home simply and quickly without spending a lot of money. Once you realise just how many options there are to choose from, you can be sure of getting the best rugs for your home. We say rugs in the plural because we’re sure you will want to invest in more than one when you realise just how appealing they are. Why not start searching for your ideal shaggy rug today?

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