Category: Wool Rugs

Spice up your home with Persian oriental rugs

As Persian oriental rugs are usually named after the village or town where they were woven making them extremely unique. You can therefore be sure that you are purchasing an individual piece woven with care and precision by natives of that town or village. more »

Turn your city home into a country cottage with homely rugs

Of course, choosing the right rugs can work the other way round as well; not everyone who lives in the country wants to have a very countrified home. Modern rugs can still work very well in the country, and after all, if you want your home to be more contemporary and stylish, choosing the right rugs is all part of the task. more »

A nicely neutral rug doesn’t have to be bland and boring

When purchasing neutral rugs, remember that lighter colours will show marks and stains more, so if you’re an untidy sort, a shaggy cream rug probably isn’t for you. more »

You Just Can’t Beat the Feel of New Wool Rug

Wool rugs are also easy care, something that not many people realise. Their natural lanolin shrugs off stains and unlike most synthetics they are easy to spot clean because the dye doesn’t run so easily. When considering a wool rug to go on a carpet you might find that there is a slight ‘shed’ for a while but this soon stops and it isn’t a sign that your rug is moulting. more »