5 Tips for Effective Cleaning of Carpet Runners

Installing hall runners is a good way to conceal floor damage, prevent your floors from further damage and add to the value your home interiors and aesthetics.Carpet runners are usually placed in halls, rooms and on staircases, but you may place it anywhere else in your house, where you might deem it suitable.

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Usually installed in areas which receive high traffic and these are more susceptible to wear and tear. Hence, below are a few tips to help you maintain your carpet runners and increase their durability.

1: Vacuum Regularly

Like any other carpeted flooring, your runners too need to be vacuumed regularly. Regular vacuuming prevents the settling down of dirt and dust particles deep into the pile, ensuring to remove dirt, gravel and debris completely from the fibres. If dirt and debris is allowed to settle down into the pile it can cause considerable damage overtime.
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How Welcoming is Your Hall?

Your hall is the first room people will walk into when they arrive at your home. This means it has a job to do – to make them feel welcome before they see the rest of your home.

One good way to make sure this is the case in your home is to look for a selection of carpet runners that are ideal for use in the hallway. Hall runners work well in this situation and they have a dual purpose. Not only do they look good and feel good underfoot, they are also hard wearing and can cope with heavier foot traffic. You wouldn’t typically put another type of carpet or rug in your hallway, because it wouldn’t last as long or look as good if you did.

So now comes the question of which types of hall runners you like most. The best way to get the answer is to look through a range of carpet runners at Rug Zone so you can see how many options you have. Remember to measure your hallway as well – no two halls are the same in terms of length and width so you’ll want to be sure your runner will fit when you decide on one you like.

In terms of getting the right size, make sure you don’t get something that is almost as wide as the hall. You want to be able to see the floor surface on either side of it otherwise it will look as though you bought something that was too big. The good news is that many designs of hall runners come in several sizes – both in widths and lengths – so you should be able to find the ideal solution in a design you like.

It’s also worth getting something that is easily washable. The only exception to this would be if you have a porch area where you can take off muddy or wet shoes before stepping into the house. Remember your carpet runner will take a lot of battering since it has to cope with shoes of all kinds both clean and dirty, not to mention it being a heavy traffic area. If you choose wisely you can end up with a runner that is long lasting and looks good for a long time to come as well. Don’t skimp and get a really cheap one as it may not wash well. Invest in something nice in a sale and take advantage of a real bargain.

Impress your guests with well-chosen rugs and runners

Although impressing people is not the main thing that you are aiming for when you decorate your home, it is certainly very nice when they appreciate what you have done with your decor and especially nice when they comment on your efforts. It is easy to impress with one or more of the rugs for sale from Rug Zone; because of the low prices on offer, you can often buy a little bigger than you had thought you could afford, or perhaps buy two rugs where you would have only bought one. This means that you can bring a little luxury into your home at very little cost.

Starting at the front door, a well-chosen hall runner can immediately impress. The hall is often a difficult space to furnish as you can’t put too much in there without impeding people as they come in. In some halls the only way to impress your personality is with lighting and hall runners and of the two, the rug is bound to be the cheaper option. You can change the shape visually by using stripes or patterns to make it longer or wider looking and this immediately improves the hall. You can also match the hall runner by using stair carpet to match and again the stripes come in useful, especially if your home has particularly narrow stairs.

Going into the dining room, a room often neglected when it comes to the flooring, rugs in wool give a feeling of luxury and are also easy to clean – rather an important point to bear in mind in that room when spillages are likely. Dining room furniture can be a little boring and so a vibrant coloured rug would look good, especially if you like to dress your table with a gleaming white cloth, polished cutlery and plain white plates and dishes.

A bright green rug would look good in a dining room because it goes well with food – blue is not such a good choice in there, as a colour therapist would tell you as it is not a colour that humans consider edible. A strange fact but handy when it comes to making a dining room a good place to be. Colour choices are very important and often you make the choice automatically, for example avoiding red in a bedroom because it is a bit nerve-jangling when you are trying to get off to sleep.

Hall Runners are Ideal for a Conservatory

Conservatories can be quite hard places to furnish and decorate. Unless you want yours to look just like everyone else’s (cane furniture, raffia matting and a dying citrus tree) you might think you need to spend a fortune on furniture and flooring. Actually, there is an answer at hand and it won’t cost a lot and that is the use of brand new hall runners on the floor.

Most hall or carpet runners are designed specifically to be hard wearing and shrug off dirt, so if your conservatory is a way in to your home from the garden you won’t need to worry about the flooring being ruined by muddy boots. Their shape also complements most conservatories, running along between the furniture but not making it look too crowded. Because hall runners come in all kinds of different designs, there is bound to be one that fits your style and if you are aiming for less a conservatory and more a ‘club’ look, there are many traditional hall runners to choose from.

Many people use the conservatory as a family room year round these days now that they are better insulated and easier to keep cool in summer. If you have children you don’t want to be constantly telling them to be tidy and not spill things and hall runners with no pile but an easy clean bright and breezy surface are just the thing. When the children are playing it won’t matter if a bit of orange juice or paint hits the deck but then when you are chilling out in the evening, the hall runner will look clean and fresh. Stripes are good in a conservatory as they can make it look longer or wider as required and they feature very strongly in the design of hall runners.

The great thing about furnishing with rugs and runners is that you can easily change your look. With the low and affordable prices on the Rug Zone site you can even mix and match to the seasons. Why not try a nice bright stripy hall runner in summer and a much warmer wool pile one in the winter, in a traditional style which will suit the season. Many people hardly use their more formal lounge once they have their conservatory furnished to their liking and a well-chosen hall runner can be the start of creating the perfect family space or Mum’s hideaway.

Oops, I nearly tripped over the hall runner

Health and safety regulations are with us these days as soon as we step out of the house, whether at work, on trains and buses, on the roads and in shops. Many people tend to ignore the health and safety issues at home, though and this is not wise. Most accidents happen in the home and of these, most are caused by trips and slips. Having a bright hall runner to welcome guests is a great way to make your lobby cheerful, but unless it is well maintained and secured, it could be quite dangerous.

When you buy any rug from the Rug Zone you will be invited to buy an anti-slip and anti-creep spray. This works by making the back of the carpet very slightly tacky – not sticky like glue but just a little less likely to slip on a polished floor. This could make the difference between your hall runner just looking fabulous and causing an accident. Not all accidents caused by carpet runners are because they slip and slide. Sometimes they can curl up at the corners and this is usually caused by being butted up against a piece of furniture or a doorway. If you find that your hall runner is too long and needs to go under a piece of furniture to make it fit, then take the effort to do just that – you solve two problems that way because the runner can’t slip and also you won’t have any lifted corners.

Lighting in halls is very important for several reasons. One of course is that it helps to show visitors your lovely hall runners in all their glory but also good lighting minimises the risk of slips and trips. Since the hall is very much a thoroughfare in many homes, everyone tends to get a bit casual as they make their way through it to their next task or destination and familiarity breeds contempt. Not only will bright lighting make sure that you can see where your feet are treading but also it will attract your attention and make you take more notice of your surroundings.

If you have hall runners which have a thick pile, good lighting is even more essential as you have to take a step up to avoid tripping. When you vacuum this kind of rug, work from the inside towards the edges, to avoid making the edges curl. Thick piled hall runners look amazing and give your hallway a lovely luxurious feel, but you must take care to stay safe.

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